Query on H1, H4 visa stamping-Dropbox

Hello everyone,

May be its a strange question but I just wanted to be ready to face any situation.

Here is my case.

I am in India, I have a valid H1B Visa till September 2023 . I am planning to do re stamping as I changed my employer recently and I also have time till March 2023 to travel. I thought of utilize the two months window to get restamped , so that I no need to worry about visa stamping for next 3 years.

Now the question is, I have a drop box appointment by next week, and in case, If I get 221g and passport is given back to me, Will I be still able to travel with the visa already stamped? or will there be any issues in POE?

221g is a temporary refusal or hold on the issuance of visa. So unless the eligibility is established based of 221g response and the hold/denial is overcome by visa approval, you may not enter the US on a valid visa in same class.

ok thank you , Kalpesh…