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My H1 got rejected in lottery this year and hence I am planning for MS ( have not taken any entrance yet). Please advise me if I prepare now, will it be too late for the spring? Also, I have 5 years experience in IT in Oracle domain. Which will be the best course I can go with in MS?




 You have less time, but just need to use it properly to get admission. You can chek out the [Sample Spring plan](http://redbus2us.com/sample-spring-2012-plan-for-applying-to-ms-or-mba-in-usa/) that was done for 2012, just change that to 2014.  You may have to speed up and process many things in short time.  Also, you may miss chances in some good schools as you are short on deadline  time.  Nevertheless, you can make it, if you are quick to act.

My perspective towards education is not just getting a degree, you need to be passionate about it and enjoy studying, it should add value or give you satisfaction. You are the best person to put your passion and interests on table and take a decision. Also, just getting a degree without a proper goal or plan is of not much help to you as an individual. Read articles on

	[Goal for MS in USA](http://redbus2us.com/why-study-masters-in-usa-goals-for-studying-abroad-just-job-or-higher-goals/)

	[Should I study MS vs MBA in USA ](http://redbus2us.com/should-i-studyapply-for-ms-or-mba-in-us-after-b-tech-b-com-mba-vs-ms-fees-degree-focus-and-funding-issues-explained/)

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Thanks Kumar for your reply