Query about H1B 2015 (application in 2014)


I have some queries about the H1B process. I was employed with a Big 4 firm from 2012 to 2013, working under OPT after graduating with an MBA from a top US b-school. Unfortunately, my visa application didn't make it through the lottery this year and I had to leave the company and the country.


Now, by God's grace, I have an offer to rejoin the same company in the same position from Oct 1, 2014. 


My query stems from the H1B requirement of a LCA being filed with the Department of Labor (and getting it approved) before the H1B application is filed with the USCIS in April.


1) I believe that the LCA filed earlier will no longer be valid since the H1B didn't come through. Is that right?


2) If a new LCA is filed, what is the earliest possible date? Will it mention the preference for an Advanced Degree for the position?


3) I believe H1B application mentions "specialized labor". Does the fact that I have significant domain expertise in Cloud Computing with hundreds of published articles help my case?


I hope 2014 will prove luckier for me than 2013.

I’ve just read this post and I’m so sorry you were not selected. Really that is a terribly situation to be in and I feel your pain as I am waiting to hear about my fate… :frowning: This whoe process if awful. I really wish they would make it fairer. I have an advanced degree (Masters) and i’ve been living in the USA for 5 years. I came back to england last year :frowning: I hate it here. Please let me know if you were sucessful in the lottery this year and Good LUCK!

Commenting from a different ID. Thank you for the kind words. Yes, God has smiled on me this year. The petition has been picked up and approved as well. I hope you are lucky as well this year.