Queries Related to H1B Visa Stamping in Passport

I have a question regarding H1 Visa stamping.

I have an H1B visa approval notice and visa stamping from Previous employer in my passport. I have done my H1B transfer to a new employer recently and it got approved. I have not done H1B visa stamping in my passport using my new employer however my passport still has H1B visa stamped until 2023 under my Previous employer.

I am in the USA right now. I have a plan to visit India for vacation. I would like to know whether I should get an H1B visa stamped using a new employer?


Am I good to travel back to the USA from India without H1B visa stamping for a new employer (holding valid H1B approval notice for new employer)?

Could someone please advise on this? Thanks in advance!

Visa is just a travel document that is not tied with the H1B employer and can be used to enter the US as far as it is valid, no matter if you changed the employer.