Queries related need of Client letter in doing fresh filing h1 b

Hello Everyone
I am in India, and I have approached one of my brothers friend, who is ready to do H1 B Visa Sponsoring, but upfront he mentioned that Client letter will not be provided. I am not sure what could be the underlying reason.

And also he mentioned, at USCIS some time it depends on case to bases need of client letter . is it true ?

In this scenario , is it risky step in taking this option of getting sponsorship. Do suggest any better alternatives.

Thanking you,


your brother’s friend seems to be a typical “h1b consultant”. they file petitions citing inhouse projects and once approved, put you in front of a client with dressed-up resume. If you crack it, they get a client letter and file a change in petition indicating that.

the reason they cannot do that process (make you give an interview and get a client letter) right away is because clients want to interview candidates who are already in the US and mostly face-2-face. and even if client is willing to do telephonic and you are willing to wake up middle of the night and give those interviews, it is a huge pain for the consultant and the layers in between (vendors) to coordinate that. and if that goes wrong, they lose trust with the client.

having said that, there isn’t anything “risky”. worst thing the petition wont be picked up in lottery or will be rejected thereafter. but you would have atleast given it a try.