quality assurance testing has a potential for job ?

i am a U.S. citizen having reached age of 65 years. I studied through St. Xaviers High School, Ahmedabad, India

passed B.COM in india worked as stenographer for State bank of india for 25 years and is in usa since 15 years.

I am in my son’s business of limousine and getting $2,800 per month for working 10 hours 7 days. i am having good health.

i am planning to join qa (quality assurance) testing classes for 8 weeks - 4 hours on saturday and 4 hours on sunday for

8 weeks at a cost of $600. i have a good grasping but dont know much about computer except, little internet, google maps and e mail.

what could be a starting salary i can get roughly and also do you think, my age could be an obstacle in getting a job?

do you recommend any nice and reputed school to join for this course, in new jersey.

narendra patel

Firstly, it is great to see that you are passionate to learn something new and join the job market. As you are a US citizen, you have many options. Before you start training, I suggest you look at the typical jobs in federal job portal to see the job requirements. The reason I say that is, if you do the course and the jobs require you to have experience, then you are in trouble. So, doing some homework and picking up the jobs that are like entry level with minimum computer knowledge would be ideal to start your career. Once you are comfortable, in year or so, you can pick up a little advanced topics and build your professional career in IT.

Regarding pay, it all depends on the location and job expectations. As you are starting your career from Ground up, you can expect anywhere from 40K to 70K per year, depending on the state and place. You can check on Salary.com for average wages.

Joing a good school for 1 year program or so, will get you access to many resources that school offers. I think, it is a great idea to pick up a course at a school or at least a community college.