Pursue H1B from 3rd party vendor

Dear Sourav,


I am looking for a organization who can sponser my H1B as I am looking for settlement in USA.

Recently one XYZ organization has shown interest in me and offered the service to help me get my H1B at the expense of a security deposit of 3000 USD.The condition is that I will be under a 2 year employment contract before the entire security deposit could be refunded. My concern is that the annual salary which they are promising to pay me is less than what I expect per my level/experience. They also told that to initiate the process, mandatory deposit 3000 USD is required before any further discussion can be held.Under this circumstances, I am a bit confused about my next course of action. Whether to avail this option or not?

I have earlier worked in USA under L1B for around 2 years and have a SSN.That time (4 years back) what I use to get as an annual salary and now they are offering the same amount.

Kindly throw some light on what I should do?

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Asking for H-1 fees/deposit is illegal.

Bonded labor is also illegal and no one can force you to stay w/ them for 2 years.

Consulting companies offer salaries on the lower end, but filing H-1 transfer is possible once on H-1.

You may continue searching for other employers, but time is also running out. So you can weigh the deposit vs the chance of making through the cap.

Dear friend ,can you share the contact of the company who offering h1b agaisnt the security deposit ,

pls email me jamnasiralliani@gmail.com

nasir alliani