providers for future plans after H1 lottery rejection


I am on H4 now and I have had a job offer from a reputed company here in US; however my case is not selected in the lottery. Please provide me some inputs on what can I do further to pursue my career. I think, same employer will file H1 for me next year; but again it may have to go through the same ordeal which was there this year (lottery system).

Please let me know whether taking online MS is of any value when I look for job opportunities in the future.

Thanks in Advance.


Unfortunately, unless the Immigration reform passes and H1B Quota increases, it is a very tough situation. Getting a Masters may give you opportunity to work on OPT for one year and maybe CPT for 20 hrs after 2 semesters…Doing anything Online is NOT worth it. Also, just studying should be driven by passion. Just picking up something for the heck of doing will NOT add value to you or your career. If you are really interested in purusing higher education, apply it at a good school and pursue it with your heart so that you enjoy it and it gets you value.