Proof's required for H4 processing

My H1B petition(regular, WAC) filed on April,9th 2012 got approved few days ago and i’m planning to appear for PA by next month. In the meantime i wanted to know if i can take my spouse along with me for getting dependent visa (H4) ?

We recently got married and we have registered our marriage and we do have the marriage certificates with us. Apart from this is there anything else that we need to take it for the interview ?

I heard that it is mandatory to include spouse name in the passport before appearing for the PA… Is that true ?


The below link has all the details of documents required for H1 and H4 VISA interviews.


Its good to go together for VISA stamping.

Inaddition to wedding album, you may carry the wedding invitation cards too.

I am not sure if its mandatory, but its better to have one's name in other's passport.