Proof of Finance for I-20

Hi my name is Suresh and I am on H1B in US right now, I am posting this for my fiancee in India.

Her Background: Bachelors of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy, 5+ years of work experience in India.

She has been admitted to University of Southern California for Fall 2016 but we are in confusion to generate proof of finance. So, she doesn’t yet have I-20.

Here our my situation-

USC wants us to show $75,000 of finance proof. $55,000 (complete tuition fees of 2 years) + $20,000 (1st yrs living expenses). It’s huge money and I don’t understand why are they asking the proof for whole tuition fees in this. I already talked to them twice. She can show around $30,000 of her own savings and $15,000 of Dad’s savings. So, I don’t know how can we show remaining $30,000 more?

I was suggested of below mentioned solutions by my friends-

We can ask a friend in US to send a sponsor letter. Get I-20 then easily. Then apply for an education loan meanwhile. Not doing it right away because already running very late. But, the problem is that I-20 form will display my friend’s name I guess. So, if visa interviewer later asks me who is person and why did you choose him to sponsor you and all… Please adviseWe can have a friend transfer $30,000 to her Dad’s bank account and then get I-20 easily. Later, we apply for an education loan meanwhile. Will Interviewer again be concerned on why did you choose your father initially on I-20 and now going for education loan?She already has MS degree from India but she is going for a another masters in more specialized course. She also has 5 yrs of experience in same course. Will this hamper her visa rejection chances?The reason I can’t support her in providing proof of finance is because that will increase the chances of rejection.

The financial support proof requirement is standard and most universities would like to see evidence that funds are available with student for entire education, not just for one year. However, it is evidence that simply needs to be filed with university for SEVIS purposes which means independent sources can furnish supporting cash availability without them needing to transfer money. For example, friends can provide statements from their banks that add up to what the university needs to see. Ultimately, you might be paying for the education or she might work on a fellowship to fund herself but that need not be addressed right away.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom

Thank you for a quick response Dr Shankar. I was just curious on what happens if I show a different sponsor for i-20 and i show something else in visa interview. Would that concern the visa interviewer?