Profile Evaluation GRE 318 |TOEFL 103



I am planning for MS from US in CS for Fall 2014 .

Please evaluate my profile :


GRE - 318 (V-150, Q-168) AWA -2.5 , TOEFL -103 .

Academics - 69% BTECH (EE) , 12th -84% , 10th-80.5% .

Work Exp.- 2.5 years TechM

Extra Curricular - Intership at Bhel , Organizing member in my branch Event organizing committee .


Please suggest some good universities I can apply  and also recommend that do I need to retake GRE to score high in AWA, Verbal .



Adarsh Agarwal

Your GRE score is decent enough to make through the cut-off of most engineering programs.

Generally it is said that 3.5 is an avarage reqd for AWA. From my experiece, most of the engineering programs doesnt care what your AWA score is. Yout quant sore is very good and hopefully will cover off the low score in other section. One professor in admission committe of my local univeversity has told me that they take studdents with even verbal sore less than 30 percentile if the entire profile is good.

If you have a solid SOP, resume with work exp and evaluated GPA of more than 3; you have chances of getting though top 100 univs. IMO, the top 10 univs has average score higher than your current score. I read somewhere that average score in this league is 163/168/4.5


PS: If you want to retake the exam just for AWA alone, it is a good idea to get the ETS practice essay scoring service. It wll help you to write as ETS is expecting.