Profile evaluation for Ms in Computer Science

I have just completed my fourth year from Delhi technological university (DTU) form IT. I want to pursue ms in computer science in fall 2017.

My profile :

Gre Score : 325 (Q:166,V:159)

Uni Aggregate : (79.5) till 7th Sem as i am awaiting my 8th Sem results (Highest percentage is approx 84.5)

12th : 90%(PCM :95%)


  1. ANN Backpropagation Algos performance evaluation for MNIST database (minor 1)
  2. Sports Video classification using clustering of key frame Meta Data generated using object based feature extraction through Texture Segmentation.
  3. Boundary Detection in images using a novel algorithm inspired by swarm intelligence.
  4. A movie recommendation System using a mixture of item based and user based collaborative filtering
  5. Opposition based modified particle swarm optimization algorithm(have submitted this paper in the International Journal of Expert Systems with Applications and are awaiting response from the reviewer)

I will be taking my TOEFL on July 23 , 2016. And will be giving another shot at GRE on sep 04, 2016. But please evaluate my profile without taking the research paper into consideration for the moment.

Please tell me a list of universities which I can target based on my profile and have a comfortable chance of getting into. I’m very confused at the moment so any helpful advice will be appreciated. Also is giving GRE again worth it or is my score decent enough?

Contact Details:
Mob: 9910662336

Unfortunately, we do not advise on schools. You have good proifle, you need to do research on what schools you like and can get you admission by looking at average scores at that school. We have many articles on the blog on this topic, search under study in US section. Good Luck !