profile evaluation for ms in computer science in usa

my major is Electrical and electronics engineering and i wanted to pursue master of science in computer science in united states of america for fall 2014.

my gre score is 307 , toefl score is 86 and cgpa is 8.41 and work experience in BOSCH till date.

I have different list 

make two dream,two moderate and four safe

1.arizona state university(applied)

2. University at buffalo-suny of kansas or university of nebraska lincoln of kentucky or university at albany -suny of texas arlington or university of south florida

6. binghamton university -suny or university of houston or university of oklahoma or university of wisconsin-milwaukee ,west virginia university 

7.misssissippi state university or texas tech university 

8.oregon state university or stony brook university

These were an universities said by the consultancy to me -  - -

1.Univ of texas-Arlington

2.Arizona state university

3.southern  illinois unniversity-Carbondale of albama-huntsville or university of houston

5.Wichita state university

6.Stony Brook University 

7.Umass-Amrest at albany-suny at buffalo-suny of texas-san antonio

11.UNIVERSITY AT alabama -huntsville. of north carolina-charolette, university of cincinnati,missouri institute of science and technology,

Please say about the university fees(less fees) and good college in the list and also other good colleges apart from the list. 

Please evaluate the above mentioned college with my profile and list it   as safe , moderate and difficult .

I want good college with less than $25,000, good teaching, good funding, internship possibility and getting job finally.