Processing time for H1B extension

Please let me know the general processing time and the process embedded in getting an H1B extension

My employer has filed an cap exempt petetion for my H1B that is expiring on Feb 28th 2013.

Please let me know how long will it take, and will i have to go to stamping again or what exactly is done in h1b extension

it will take the same time as a new petition. In regular processing it may take 2-6 months and in premium you can get the decision in 15 days. If it is filed before the expiration date then you can continue to work and stay here till you get a response from USCIS.

once the extension is approved and if you leave the country you will have to appear for the interview. If the client, employer, location everything is same then you may also be eligible for Interview waiver program in which you will just get the new visa stamp without having to give another interview while in India but you would still may need to give your photograph and fingerprints.