Processing time fo RFE Response review - EAC

Hi ,

My file# EAC1214750***

Filed on : 04/26/2012

Moved to RFE on : 08/28/2012

Moved to RFE response Review on : 10/15/2012

Any idea like what is the processing time EAC centre is taking on RFE case?Anyone in similar status and got approved from EAC.Please share you experience.Thanks in Advance.

The normal processing time according to USCIS is upto 60 days. It also depends on the type of RFE you received. There are people in the forum whose RFE response took 18days to turn to approval. Recently a friend of mine responded to his RFE in September last week and upgraded to premium on Oct 15 and received his approval a day later. In general I believe people here back in 45 days.

You may consider upgrading to premium to get a response in 15 days.

Thanks Vicky .My Petition got approved( on 25/10/2012)) within 10 days.