Process of re-entry after Change of status from b1/b2 to H4

I had my marriage on 11 July and entered USA on B1/b2 on 18 July Later my husband filled my change of status.I got H4 status which is valid till 2019.Now I have to go back to my home country.What is the process of coming back.I am 21 weeks pregnant and want to come back after a month??

You are required to apply for an H-4 visa stamping. Because you entered the US on B1/B2 and then changed status, there is a 1% chance of an RFE trigger. After getting married, your husband should have applied for an H-4 prior to your travel and that was the correct procedure / travel category if he was already on H-1B. Anyway, you might be eligible for drop-box facility for your H-4. You can no longer travel on the B-1/B-2 even if the dates are valid.