Process for Filed h1b GC now change of location



I am trying to relocate to Austin from Miami ( Same company, same job responsibilities ) just a location change. I am full time employee. I want some details on how this will effect my H1B and GC process.


My LCA on H1B says Miami as job location since i am changing to austin location does that require an H1B amendment? if yes how much does it cost and how soon can i join the Austin Branch. I know the employer should file for all of these but sometimes HR are tricky and would say things like we cant apply etc so i just wanted to be prepared on this before i talk to them.


As far as MY GC is concerned, I have all the initial work done on My GC process ( prevailing wages,job posting etc ) and my application has been sent 2 months ago to USCIS. Now i am waiting for them to approve so that i can file for I-140. Now if i change my location do i need to start my GC process from scratch again ( like prevailing wages etc ) or can i just re apply i-140 with the new job location and get it approved.


Your help in this matter will be really helpful.

It requires new LCA followed by H-1 amendment. The amendment would cost around $300 (cost for I-129) and attorney fees.

It seems your PERM has been filed, and this is location specific. So you will have to refile the PERM now that location is changing.

Thanks saurabh
so how much would it cost for refiling perm? will my prority date be same as first time?
my company is ok to keep my GC filed for miami location while i move to austin ( by just ameding h1b) as they say GC process is for future employment
how do you see this working?

That is a valid argument to keep GC position open for Miami. They can do that and just amend the H-1 petition.