Process and Advice on OLT,interships,Post MS jobs.


I am currently an MS in CS aspirant and have applied to US universities. I have got my i20 from some of the universities but still awaiting other decisions, so i would be flying in august.

Can someone please help me in unerstanding the process of applying to interships/post ms jobs in US? also can i know the exact proceedure of conversion to H1B (post MS) and details about OLT related regulations i should be aware of. I have a genral idea but need an in depth view. Any link/doc that could help me? Request you advice.


Read these articles

Campus Resources in US Universities for Jobs The above should get you started. Dont worry too much about the future now…Just keep doing your regular coursework well and get an internship, things will fall in place and you will know the process as you go along. There are many articles on the blog, use the navigation or search box on the top, you should get answers.