Problem changing my DS 160

I was filling out my ds 160 form and applying for a visa
simultaneously . So while applying for the visa appointment
I quickly
inputted the ds 160 number,the appointment was booked
and confirmed
and the date for the appointment was 31st of March
9am,while I was
still filling my ds 160 I haven’t signed yet. Suddenly on my
ds 160
page an error occurred I could not continue again. So later I
tried to
retrieve my ds 160 form I couldn’t is said surname or birth
year does
not match. So I tried to complete a new ds 160 form filled
then tried to update my profile at us visa in application
portal by
putting in the new ds 160 number and I couldn’t, I even
tried to
reschedule the appointment to April 1st 2016 thinking
maybe I may be
able to input my new ds 160 but I couldn’t. So is it possible
reprint appointment confirmation and input my new ds 160

Call to the customer support on any center they can able to help you to resolve the issue. Its not a problem. Dont worry much