Previously H1.Currently in H4 .Now required H1 visa to work

Hi ,

Currently Iam on H4 and previously ,mine was h1 and have worked in USA for 9 months.Due to personal matter,i quit the job from the company and came to USA as H4 visa holder.Now i want to work in H1 as i have 4 years experience in company A

Is it possible that I can use my petition filed by company A to apply for job in H1B 2013 quota ?


Is it possible to get a job without waiting for quota or any consultancy?What is the probability on this particular case?

It would be a great appreciate ,if you have time to solve my queries.

Thanks In Advance

The new employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you on the basis of previously approved petition. This can be filed anytime, and you need copy of old approved petition, previous payslips and W2 for this. Rest of the documents are same as for any H-1 filing.