Premium processing : Visa Status tracking

My current H1 petition when i checked in USCIS site is in "RFE Response Review ". I had asked my employer to change the status to Premium, which he said he has done today. Is it possible that “Can I confirm in the USCIS site that my application has been moved to premium using my receipt number”.



Can you please help me out with this query. The USCIS site shows review and no signs of premium . I had paid my employer to move to premium and he says he has done that. Will USCIS site tell us the status if the petiion has been upgraded to premium.

edited on 09/26

[b]Hi - Will the petition tracking site, will let me know whether my petition has been moved to premium[/b]



[b]My attorney says the petition has been moved to premium and I had paid the attorney, but in the USCIS site I dont see any reference for premium for my petion. [/b]

Could some one help me out on this.