Premium Filed 10/23-No response more than 4 weeks

My petition for L1 extension is upgraded to premium processing on 10/23 and it’s been almost 4 weeks from now no response from the USCIS. My attorney opened a service request but no turn around yet. Anybody on the same boat as me?

Well, we have not seen many users report this. In the past there were some delays.
Until you get the receipt stating that premium processing was accepted, your 15 days SLA does not count. Continue to follow up with USCIS.

Ok, thanks Kumar. It’s wired that they aren’t sending receipt notices but, let’s wait. Nowadays, It’s impossible to reach live-agent with their new automated IVR system when you dial to toll-free, is there a way or trick I can talk to the live person?

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Someone shared that you may try to select the technical error or issue and then ask them to connect

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