Precautions to avoid RFE

Hello All,Currently I’m working with ArkITServices for H1B-2016. Need your help to know what are the precautionary steps to avoid RFE on my application.


  1. Submit genuine documents

  2. Get education evaluation done

  3. Submit real client information along w/ related project paperwork

  4. etc

Thanks Sourabh. I have further questions to the same old questions.

  1. Can you please suggest which one I have to select among these listed below for evaluating by credentials.

a) Course-by-Course: $205
b) Document-by-Document: $145
c) CPA Board evaluation: $305
WES Basic:
a) Course-by-Course: $160
b) Document-by-document: $100
c) CPA Board Evaluation: $260

Also it would be helpful with multiple replies from anyone from the forum on my questions.

I don’t know which option is better. If you have shortlisted an employer, then their attorney should be able to guide you on that.

Inspite of me answering this multiple times i dont know why people are foolish to go ahead. Its a fake H1B body shop. Ping me in private i will tell you. Inspite of this if you still want to go ahead nobody can save you

Hello Venky, Can you please share me the details?

Please share with me also the details about arkitservice being fake, thanks