Potential risks if changed to new employment on H1B during COVID?

Hi All,
I am continuing employment with same employer on H1B which is recently extended till 2023( I94 expired, eligible for dropbox in India for visa stamping if travelled outside US).

Are there any potential risks if I changed to another employer on H1B in the current situation(Like google Facebook) (on or after Nov 2020) ?

Do I have to go through consular process with visa Interview for the stamping?

Firstly, you say I-94 expired…you should have got new I-94 with the H1B extension, check for that first. If not, talk to your attorney and get that sorted out.

Now, changing the employers is very common thing as long as the offer is genuine and all the requirements are met. You need valid visa to re-enter US…getting visa stamp always has its own risks. Having said that, if you have good profile with good company, it should be fine. The challenge is to get appointment with the Covid situation.