I’m an H1B employee of company XYZ.

My first H1B petition was approved and I started working on H1B for XYZ on Oct 2018, as a Software Developer. Until January 2020, I was working for XYZ’s software product from its office located in Colorado for which my current LCA was certified and H1b petition approved in 2018. Last year, starting from Jan 2020, I started working for one of the XYZ’s clients, located in another state, as a Professional Services Staff (This might have resulted in minor changes in my job duties). Few facts about this position/work:

  1. I have always worked from the Colorado office (petitioner’s) and from home since COVID-19 and never traveled to or worked from the client worksite.
  2. Depending on the contract between XYZ and this client, I might need to work at the client worksite in the future but I doubt this would span more than a week or two. I don’t have access to the contract but can forward any particular questions to my manager.
    I have a few questions about this change that happened last year.
  3. Does the above-mentioned change in my employment requires us to get a new/amended LCA as well as an H1B amendment?
  4. If 1 is true, then, as far as I know, we have not acquired/applied for those. Given the fact that we don’t have new LCA and H1B amendments, what would be the next steps for this case?
  5. My current H1B is expiring in Sep 2021. I would like you to consider the impact on H1b extension/renewal according to what we decide to do for this case.

P.S. XYZ is a software product company in data management space. It has a B2B product for which its customer may need professional services.