Post process after H1B Visa Approval.


I came to US with L1B in month of May 2011, but my visa got expired in Nov 2011, but my I-94 expires in 2014.currently I am working in US with my I-94, and my company filed H1B visa for 2012-2013 quota on regular type.

Current status - Waiting for Approval

Listed few question , pls do the needful

  1. When is expected month of approval

  2. If my visa got approved should I need go back to India for Stamping imeediatly or I can go any other time for stamping

3)Will it be considered H1B visa holder immedielty after approval or until I get it stamped?

  1. If my petition gets approved will my I -94 date becomes invalid?

I really appriciate your support.