Post marriage dependent visa or OPT

Hi all,

I want your help in resolving my confusion. I have a H1 and my fiancee is a MS graduate and is on OPT working in the USA.

  1. In case his company files for his H1 in april 2014, will he be allowed to travel for the in July-Aug 2014 ?

  2. If teh wedding happens in Feb -Mar 2014 - Post marriage, will he have to travel as H4 dependent because I hold a H1 or can he travel on OPT visa itslef. In case he travels as H4 dependent, will it jeopardize his current work ?

When is his OPT expiring? When is his F-1 visa expiring?

He got it in july 2013. So , prolly till next oct 2014 or so he can keep extending is what I know.

So OPT may be valid from July 2013 to July 2014 (12 months initial OPT).

  1. He can leave US but cannot return if OPT has expired and he doesn’t have OPT STEM extension. Also, if he leaves and H-1 COS is pending, then the same will be abandoned.

  2. He can return on F-1/OPT and be on his on visa. If he wants to stop working, then he can return on stamped H-4 visa.