Possible to maintain 2 statuses ( L1B and H1B)


I am on L1 B VISA and i -94 is there till oct 2014 though VISA expires in May 2013.

I am planning to file H1 B in next year quota. If H1B with COS is approved , Is it possible to contiue on L1 B status ( Changed mind not to switch from Current Employer ) or Is it mandatory to quit the current emploer to maintain H1B?

Please let me know .

  • UmaMahesh

When you apply for COS it means that your status will officially change from L1 to H1 when your H1 date starts on Oct 1st 2013. You will be sent a new I-94 i believe. So there is no way you can have two status at a point of time.

If you have change of mind, then you need to make sure COS doesn’t go into effect. This includes either filing COS from H-1 to L-1 (if your H-1 status has already started) or leaving US and returning on L-1 visa stamp.