Possibility of denial for multiple entry tourist visa

I am on H4 visa and living in the US since last 3 years. I have a question about possibility of a rejection for a multiple entry tourist visa for my sister.

My parents are in late 50s, both working (one part time in private sector, one full time in a government sector, both due to retire in a a year). They own a home and have their parents to care for. Myself and my sister are the only 2 kids. My sister is an unmarried dental Masters student (2 yrs education remaining) - thus economically dependent on my parents. My parents and sister had visited a few other countries for tourism in the last couple of years 


Now, my parents will be for applying for a self sponsored multiple entry US visa ( I guess, with above mentioned background they have a lesser chances for rejection as lots of ties back to home country). Sister would be also applying with my parents, with parents as sponsor. The main concern is about sister's visa approval since she is in medical/dental profession, and unmarried, and not working. 


The US trip in sometime after a year, but want to apply for visa now (when working) so as to have good chance of getting a multiple entry (10 yr) visa right now (including my sister since she is dependent and applying along with parents). So questions regarding my sister's case are:


1.What will be her chances of tourist visa denial? 

2. Is it a good idea to apply with parents, or separately? 

3. If this visa gets rejected, how badly will it impact for applying for F1, H4 or multiple entry tourist visa in future (if needed)?


I highly apeerciate your help!

Sister’s chances depend upon financial standing of parents as perceived by visa officer.

She must apply with parents only , not separately.

If this visa gets rejected she will lhave no problem in getting H4 visa if required and if documentation for that is proper.

About other visas it would depend on circumstances at that time.

Thanks sudeeptravels. This is really helpful!!

what are her chances of getting 10 years visa? and if she doesn’t get 10 yrs visa - how difficult is it to renew this one? (The reason behind asking is that she is not planning a US trip within a year but purpose for applying visa right now is we think this might be a good time considering she is a student and have a couple of years to complete an education.

Thank you again

Your question has great depth and shows you have researched the problem well. Your parents will be approved. Your sister will be approved too because she has 2 more years of college left to complete. Why will your sister not stay back in the US and complete her dental education in the USA when she visits? Simply because it is 100 times cheaper to complete the dental program in India and to try abroad later for a residency or a research J-1. Ask your sister to be honest, ‘I would love to study in the US but it is not affordable’ is a good answer. ‘My parents would like me to get married in India before considering options abroad’ is also a good answer per Indian culture.

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