Possibility of changing from L1 to (M1 or F1) and then to H1

Hello All

I am currently in L1 and I am processing H1 this year with a new employer. Still waiting for lot results. My current employer may call me back to India before I get my H1 in OCT. I want to stay here in US till I get my H1.

Can I apply now for F1/M1 and study a vocational course for 3-4 months or till OCT and after completion of course can I work using my H1? Is it ok to apply for F1/M1 after applying my H1 and before H1 gets approved?

Thanks for your answers.

It may get tricky. You will apply for COS which can take 2-3 months to process. Your status will remain L-1 until this gets approved. So if the L-1 employer asks you to leave US in the meantime, then you will have to oblige.

For F-1, you need to find a school and most courses start in Aug/Sep. I will suggest talking to your H-1 attorney about the options.