port of entry problems in other city for f1 visa?


I got  f1  visa for NorthWest Missouri State University 

the near international airport to land is Kansas international airport


but i want to land in dallas which is in texas because i want to visit my uncle there 

and i want to go about 25days(22 July 2013) before my school oreintation (20 Aug 2013) to dallas

[b]is there any port of entry issues in dallas as my university is in maryville near to kansas?[/b]

I assume your visa is valid for entering 22 July?

I am not aware of any rule that you have to land near your school. I have entered the US at many different airports, because depending on the airline they often change planes at different hubs. Never had a problem.

If they ask just tell the truth: you are visiting your uncle before you start school.