Port of Entry I-94 Expired, New Company I-94 by USCIS still valid. My options?

I went to India last year May during which my I94 for new Company (A) got approved. During US re-entry I did not show the CBP officers the new I94 since I entered on old Company (B) H1B Visa. Now the Port of Entry I94 issued by CBP has expired on September 2020, however after I changed my Company (from B to A) last year July, my new I94 is valid till Jan 2022.

What are my options of getting the Port Of Entry I94 corrected?

First thing, you DO NOT show your I-94 anywhere. It is automatically issued, unless you are using the same to re-enter using Automatic Visa Revalidation.

What matters is, do you have a valid I-94 on your name. If you check online, and you see I-94 that is valid, you are good. Alternatively, if you were issued an I-94 by USCIS after you entered US and that is still valid, that is also fine.

Based on what I read, you seem to have I-94 issued by USCIS along with approval notice. If so, you are good until Jan 2022.