Port of Entry - 221g cleared - Need help


My 221g was approved recently.

Please guide me for below questions –
1. Is this 221g considered as denial when I file ds 160 say next year ? (Or visa approval after 221g will void it i.e. its not considered as denial) ?
2. Can the time spent outside USA due to 221g (Kolkata consulate) be counted as part of 6 yr total h1b period or we can reclaim this period ?
3. Port of entry – I hope there shouldn’t be much trouble due to this 221g and the time spent outside USA approx 7 months shouldn’t be issue at the time of port of entry? Is it safe to have port of entry near to client location or near to employer location (2nd stamping). What all questions I should be ready for ?

Also, please let me know what all things I should be prepared for before I travel. (Was already there in US for last 1.5 years.