Pls suggest me Pace or NJIT for doing M.S in Telecommunications

I would like to pursue M.S in Telecommunications and I also received I-20s from
Pace University, NJIT and FDU.

Please suggest me which one to choose.

It will be very much helpful to me if someone can answer me.

Thank You.

Well, currently, I do not advise on schools. But, here is how I would make the decision…I would look at the below factors and chose the best that fits my requirement…

	Look up the which University is more reputed for research 

	Maybe check the rankings 

	Look at the location and reputation in the city

	Look at Career center and see what all comapnies visit them for recruiting interns

	Funding opportunites in schools

	[Talk to current International students in the schools]( and get their feedback. 

Hope it helps,