Please suggest MS or MBA after 6yrs of development exp in IT

My profile is as follows:

I have done my B.E in Telecommunication.I have about 6 years of work experience in software developemtn, in mutilple domains which includes over 1.5 years of development experience in storage domain.I started feeling happy after working on this domain and earning well.

I always wanted to grow in technical side.And had dreamt of doing MS to gain more knowledge.But at the same time I am not that  technically sound  as compared to my experience.The most of my projects were on enhancement features.So did not get much exposure.

So I am confused which path to choose: technical path or management path .

1.Please suggest which carrier path will be good for me .

2.Weather I should do MBA or Ms.

3.Will MBA or MS help in my carrier growth:based on salary and role ,designation.


Below are the reason for me to do heigher studie:

1.I always wanted to MS to gain more techniocal knowledge and also it will transfer me to technically souns perso

2. want to move up in organization heirarchy.So it will be the clear path for moving up in the ladder

3.Better salary

4.May be in future I want to start a buisness.


My [Jung Career Indicator](../JungCareer.htm) result is as follows:

Introvert(11%)  iNtuitive(25%)  Thinking(12%)  Judging(39%)