Please let me know how to efile a COS from F1 to H4?

I started to work on my OPT and it will expire on May 10, 2013. But I am planning to quit my job in March, 2013. I will also be leaving to India for a pleasure trip in April and will be coming back in July.

Please guide me on the procedure to efile?

Will I be considered out of F1 status as soon as I quit my job? That being said, do I have to efile before I even quit my job or do I have any time gap before I go out of status to efile for a COS?

Awaiting your response.


Archana :slight_smile:

By the time you return to US in July, your OPT would have expired and your F-1 status will no longer be valid. Even though you may have unexpired visa stamp in the passport, you cannot return on F-1 to US.

What COS do you want to file?

Appreciate your response.
My question is how to change my status from F1 to H4? I am aware that my F1 visa will expire by the time I return from India. So I need to be on a valid status right to return back to US, Right…
Also, as I told, I will quit my job even before my opt is expired. So I need to convert from F1 To H4 once I stop working and there is procedure to efile for this COS but could not find relevant forms.
So, it would be great, if you could guide me on that.

You need to file I-539 for COS. You can submit the petition through efile along w/ fees of $290.00. You will then have to mail your supporting documents to USCIS. Documents include proof of maintaining current status (F-1, I-20, I-94, OPT card, payslips) and proof that you will be able to maintain future status (husband’s payslips, W-2, employment verification letter, marriage certificate etc).

Perfect!!!.. Thanks a lot for the reply. Its really helpful…