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I have did 3 years of Diploma and bachelor 3 years Degree in India now I wish to do MBA in US ,Recently I found one University they said they will accept by combining both together for admission but they need course evaluation to de done to enrollment .I have send all my Documents by registering to one of the evaluation center I got replied from them saying that they will not consider my diploma for evaluation and will not process it because of 3 years of Bachelor Degree.

Please Assist if any one have come across .


It has to be a post-graduate diploma - education needs to be sequential and building upon previous years with graduate degree needed for entry into diploma. 3 apples plus 3 oranges unfortunately will not equal 6 apples or 6 oranges but some schools consider it to be 6 fruits which is perfect. Try GCE US for credential evaluation and pay for ‘course by course’ evaluation. The school will be able to use it. You don’t need to ask credential evaluation company what your education adds up to, that is for the host school to decide.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg

Hi Mr.Shankar,
Thanks for your advise let me try with GCE Us credentials whether it could help me to match up the requirements .
It will great if the University thinks as 6 fruits .