Please advice?

I work for Employer A in India and I Got a new job offer from Employer B in US last year and had an approved H1-B petition from Employer-B in 2015 valid from 2015 to 2018

But when I went for stamping to the embassy in Chennai, they refused the visa and issued 221g (blue )Administrative Processing marked as “Required Further more processing before taking the decision”.

Its been 4 months now and no status update in website as well but my Employer B says that they contacting counslate.
Now my current Employer-A has a position for me and asking me to send documents, Can i wait for some more months to get the 221g to get approved or Am i applicable for cap exemption if my current employer willing to file cap exempted petition or do i need to start over again from the lot process if my current Employer A file new H1B?

Based upon B’s approved petition, A can file a cap-exempt petition for you. Once approved, you can appear for stamping through A.

Not sure how A would react knowing that you filed H-1B through B while you were employed w/ them. That you would know better.