Please Advice - Two Payrolls at the same time - H1B - Is it an Issue?

Hello Team,

Here is my situvation

My Last working day with Employer A was Nov 20th 2014 (Full TIme) - H1B Petition for Employer A was valid till 2017 April

I joined Employer B on Nov 24th 2014 (Full time) - H1B Petition for Employer B was valid till 2017 October

Employer A suppose to run my final pay check on Dec 7th 2014 and Final settlement on Dec 22nd 2014

Instead of Dec 22nd 2014 pay check being final settlement of PTO hours they credited the regular salary same way for Jan 7th 2015 payroll was credited as a regular pay

Am already an active employee of EMPLOYEE B and they are running thier payroll too (Full time)

I raised this issue to Employer A and they said they will fix it but still they have not fixed it,
Am worried if this will affect my GREEN CARD Process in anyway?

Thanks in Advance !!!

Hi Sangesh, I was in same boat. My employer generate 2 payroll on same data on Nov 15. So, There is no such issue. But you have to explain the same thing along with proper document.

Hello Andy,

Thanks for your response , Explain whom? and what is the proper document can you please elaborate please?