Please advice in which category my greencard can be processed

Hi Friends

I am having total 12yrs of experience in IT feild & my educational background is MSC(Computers).

Please advise in which category my GC can be processed?

Thanks in advance for any kind of advices.

You should go for EB-2 as you have a Master’s degree, unless you are a manager/executive which would be EB-1.


Hi Ramanan,

Thanks for the reply. My current employer replied that I am eligible for EB3 only and cannot be processed under EB2 category. I am not sure as on what basis my employer replied about the processing under EB3 category. Can you pls provide some more details on the categories and is there any firm who can provide these details so that I can forward the same to my employer.

Thanks in advance.

Check the USCIS link above, it says if you have a Master’s degree you can apply under EB-2. You may show the same and ask your employer.