Planning to do MS in Business Analytics from USA

Hello All

i am Planning to do MS in Business Analytics from USA  in FALL 2014 

But i have a big concern about my education 

1) i have 10+2+4 yrs. Diploma in Electronics from NTTF Bangalore , completed my Diploma in 2002 and started working and i have 11 yrs. exp in IT . 

2) Recently i have completed my MS in Computers from Manipal university(8.40 CGPA)  which is corporate education full time course while working and sponsored by working organization . Manipal university MS edibility was Diploma with 8 years exp can get admit to MS .

now my question is my 10+2+4 and 2 years MS is enough to get admission to any US universities .since i dont have any bachelor degree . 

my 10+2+4yrs diploma is valid in USA and they consider it for 16 years education 

did anyone has similar profile please help me with your suggestions

It must be enough AFAIKā€¦

Having MS wil do in ur case