Plan to apply H4 visa what will happen for my Valid H1B visa


I have valid H1B visa (Valid up to Sep-2015) from Employer A. I was travelled to US last year and stayed there 10 months from Employer A. Currently I am in India. I got married recently and My wife is working in US (H1B – Visa in another Employer (B)).

            If I plan to apply H4 Visa through Employer B what will happen for my H1B visa, also if I region my current job from Employer A what will happen for my petition status.

            I hired USICS will cancel my H1B Visa if I go for H4 visa Interview. In this scenario if I travel to US using H4 visa, then can I transfer H4 to H1B visa without going Cap queue. Is that possible to transfer the Visa in this Scenario (Both current H1B visa and Petition cancelled) also get the Job in US once I reached there without going Cap Queue.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance.

  1. There are chances of cancelling your H1 Stamp, when U attend H4

  2. Ur Petition may be withdrawn by ur employer if U resign, however U are Cap-Exempted irrespective of Revocation/Withdrawl. u can also transfer provided U have pay stubs and all relevant docs when U worked in US

  3. U can even go on H4 and then find an employer who can file a Cap-Exempt Petition/Transfer for U