Place of Birth is not matching


"Place of Birth" in Passport is        - [b]J.XXXXXX[/b]

"Place of Birth" in Birth Certificate -     [b]XXXXXX[/b]

Village used to be called as "[b]J.XXXXXX[/b]" or "[b]XXXXXX[/b]". Both are same and used by govt offices etc..

I have maintained the "Place of Birth" as per passport ([b]P.XXXXXX[/b]) in the DS-160 form.

My PERM process has been applied now. Here also i have maintained the [b]place of birth (P.XXXXX)[/b]

[b]Questions-1:[/b]  Will it be a problem in green card process as the [b]"place of birth" [/b]is not matching as 1 letter is missing in Birth certificate?

[b]Questions-2:[/b] If i change the place of birth in passport as per birth certificate, will it work? What will happen as i have alerady updated place of birth as per passport in H1B and other GC process?

Please advise the remedy...