Photo not getting displayed while reviewing DS-160 .


I am planning to schedule an interview with US-Consulate in New Delhi, India and completed filling up the form DS-160.

I started the DS-160 form by uploading my photograph which passed the photo test and got uploaded successfully and then completed all the required details needed in the form, but when I go to review section I am not seeing my photograph.

A message “Photo will be taken at the ASC” is getting displayed in place of the photo instead.

Is anyone else facing the same issue? Has there been a change in process recently?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Yes there is a change in process.

Photo and fingerprints will be taken at OFC. Interview will be next day.

Please note I am yet to attend the interview but this is what I have been told by someone who recently attended the interview.

Which consulate are you going to attend the interview? Is this problem happening to all the applicants?

I did not upload any photo while filling DS-160. You need to go to OFC (Offsite facilitation center) for photo and finger print. Basically, US Embassy has decided to rely on its own people for taking photographs.

At the time of scheduling the VISA interview appointment, after you have chosen a date for the VISA interview, you’ll have to choose a date for appointment at OFC. The dates will typically be 1 or 2 days before the VISA interview.