Petition Withdrawal in Past. New H1 Stamping from India


My employer submitted Withdrawal of my L1 Extension Petition in 2020 due to maxout and no H1 or approved 140 at that time. Online case stats shows Withdrawal Notice sent. However I did not submit the withdrawal of L2 of my spouse during that time. We moved to India before maxout. Later my wife’s L2 case was denied.

Now I have approved new 2022 CAP H1 and applying for Stamping from India. Should I mention for a DS160 question(Has your US Visa been cancelled/revoked) as YES or NO? What will my Spouse DS160 answer since no Withdrawal submitted for L2 in past. Is my spouse’s case denial of L2 affect the stamping for H1/H4? We are planning to stamping from india for new CAP H1.

This question relates to Visa and not petition. If your visa was ever canceled or revoked then you need to answer Yes or otherwise No.

This doesn’t impact H1B/H4 stamping. The L2 was denied as the underlying L1 was withdrawn by the employer and you left the US.