Petition to be filed - Verify Registration H1B, pay fee?

I have been selected in lottery for H1B 2020 The status in Form I-797C is “Notice Type: Registration Selection” . Notice date is 28 th March 2020. I have been provided Beneficiary confirmation number , in the PDF.
my employer is in the state Texas. But the process is being done by consultancy in india. How can i track with Beneficiary confirmation number in USCIS or any other authorized website . Is the receipt number would be generated by now or after the petition is filed.
my consultancy is asking me to pay around Rs 300,000 for Visa processing. Is this the resonable amount. How can i pay the exact amount

You cannot verify the Registration Number on USCIS website. You can only check USCIS H1B receipt after the petition is filed.
Paying for H1B is illegal. You can read below