Petition filed on 18th April. Status is still "Initial Review"

Folks, Filed my petition on 18th April. Status is still initial review. Any clue when I can get the update.

Can anyone provide me with the contact no. of USCIS. The toll free number has some issue i believe.

I guess ur petition no. starts with “WAC”, all petition starts with WAC will get little delay.

Mine also filed on May 23rd but no update.

I hope the status will change withing SEP 15.

No jawahar. it is EAC. Vermont

You can check H1B Tracker in this web site and search EAC which is Approved/Initial Review to guess whats going on.

Hi Jawahar… Mine was filed under WAC on 30th May… Still under Initial Review… Can you please tell me from where you got this info that we can expect a status update by 15th Sept??


Mine too was filed on 18th nov…still IR…EAC Vermont…i suppose the USCIS updates their website every month 15th so … fingers crossed for dis saturday.

Mine is filed on apr23 2012 and it still remains in initial review, i’m tired of checking it every day. My colleagues filed on apr 17’ stll remains in ir. we are fied with vermont centre…our company shoul upgrade to pp, that isthe only hope to get immedate solution…

Hi Carol,

By 18th Nov you mean 2011 right? So u mean to say Visas may take 1 long year to get processed? Long wait it is…

We are getting frustrated after 6-7 months of waiting…

No update yet… 15th Sep is also gone. :frowning:

2nd Oct…next time line i suppose is 15th Oct…just have no option but to sit back n wait. wonder when dis wait will end.

Carol, the update happens very often, as and when it gets appraoved.

Check regularly. You should get an update much before 15th.

I think USCIS only updates their processing timeline website once a month, they already did it for October

so you have to wait for middle of November for their next timeline update.

I have first week of May WAC and still on initial review.

thanks for that positive reply… figures crossed:)