Petition extension due but no ssn

I have to file for petition extension since it expires in october. I had applied for ssn on 31st august but have not got ssn assigned to me. Ssn officials are saying there is some mismatch between immigration details and ssn details. My name is same in visa, passport and i94. I have both first and last name in all these documents. Though on I797, my first name was FNU. I had corrected my passport after filing the original petition. My earlier passport had only my first name and last name was blank. Since i do not have ssn, my employer is not able to add me in payroll system. Hence i do not have payslips which is required for petition extesion. Pls suggest a solution?

You haven’t provided more details like when have you reached US to explain in detail. was wondering about your case…reached us and filing for extension with out ssn…

Thanks Jathin for replying. My petition was approved for 1year and is due for extension in october. I reached US on 26th august and applied for SSN on 31st aug.