Petioner name is given as DBA name in I-797C document

Hi Team,

I was given the form I-797C document by my employer and in that I notice that Petioner name of mine was given with the DBA (Doing business As) of my employer… Where as my offer letter everywhere it is the actual name of the employer used…
But issue here is DBA is in INACTIVE status as if now… As it was a voluntary dissolution.

Current status of my Visa is in Received status.
Will this have any impact in approving my case or during interview process? Or should my attorney send any request to change the petioner?

Please assist


Did the DBA name existed at the time of filing of the petition? Did the dissolution occur after the petition was filed? If yes, there may be a need to amend the H1B petition.
You need to discuss your concerns re: the petitioner name with your employer’s immigration attorney.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thanks for the reply…

Dissolution happened in 2018 itself… The DBA name was used in LCA as well which was filed in May 2021… in I-797C receipt notice form, I observed that petioner name is the DBA name (Whose current status is inactive). But my offer letter everything is on the sister company which is Active
I am worried if that will have any impact on my case…