Pending H1b - want to quit

I have been selected for h1b but received an RFE which will delay the process for at least another two months. In the meanwhile, I am not happy at my current workplace and have been thinking of quitting for a few months. I have some personal circumstances that also make me want to return closer to home.

I am hoping for some advice and clarity on the legalities of leaving an employer when h1b is pending. I am aware of a payback clause in my handbook, but this refers explicitly to h1b holders and so am wondering if the employee leaves the country and does not switch to another US employer while the h1b is pending if things are different? I work at a small firm, and am also curious as to if there is flexibility and they may not charge me depending on my situation.

If anyone also has any advice on how to approach the situation - that would be great.

Thank you in advance.

There are two aspects, the contractual obligations with your firm on what you mentioned, second is the immigration aspects of your status. You are free to quit anytime, submit resignation and leave the country. make sure you capture all of your decisions and proofs of the same. Discuss with your employer and explain your personal opinion on reason to move back and settle it without any hassles. It is always good to leave in good terms with anyone, if you can…